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imagePeople have been emailing us reporting sightings of a Tea Fairy. We wanted to take some time now to provide an explanation of who this festive and happy character is. The Tea Fairy is a magical blessing that has recently joined the Tealet team. She absolutely loves tea and is friends with many tea farmers around the world. She has taken the position of Logistics Manager. Her responsibilities in the company include but are not limited to flying to tea farms, collecting the leaves, and bringing them directly to your door. She’s our most productive employee and is energized by TEA! 

She also likes to share tea with everyone, even celebrities. George Takei visited the 500 Startups and enjoyed meeting the Tea Fairy. Did you see our video?

Click to view photo album of random sightings of the Tea Fairy.

HOLIDAY UPDATE: The Tea Fairy will be collaborating with Santa Claus this Holiday season to help share tea direct from the farm with tea lovers around the world. 


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